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Re: Jonjoe Kenny
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Don't get this obsession with our fans tying to shoehorn decent players into other positions for fear of having more than one boss player for the same spot. It's small time mentality.

Let Coleman and Kenny fight it out for the right back slot and may the best player win. It's what the bigger clubs do all the time and what makes players hungry to find that extra % in games to improve the team as a whole. Get that all round the park and success will come.

Pochettino has been really good with full backs and knows he needs 4 good ones. He asks his full backs to put in a huge amount of energy game after game so rotates the wing back positions more often than he does his attacking positions so it would be nice to finally have an alternative right back.

A lot obviously depends on how Coleman comes back, but when he is fit and if he comes back to where he was before then he is our main right back because he's been a quality full back going forward and at the back for a long time. Kenny has done really well, growing every game defensively and in the West Ham and Huddersfield games he started to show he can offer something going forward whereas before he was focused on staying back.

It would be great if Kenny becomes a genuine alternative and long term replacement for coleman but when Coleman is back fit and ready to start regularly we should be looking to get him into the team because of the level he is at consistently.

But definite praise for Kenny not just the consistency he has been showing (aside from dropping deep a lot) he has handled some very tricky wide players with a lot of confidence. Richarlison couldnt get much joy out of him, Zaha as well barely got past him all game (I know both scored but neither Kenny's doing in my opinion) and mane yesterday. He seems to have that instinct of reading how people will go at him and generally times the challenge well.

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