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Author Topic: Everton vs West Ham  (Read 26667 times)

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Re: Everton vs West Ham
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I feel a bit sorry for Unsworth this morning . Some of our players need to hang their heads for the performances against Atlanta and Southampton and the board too for its inept handling of the situation . Great win and I hate fans who break it down and say we were shit for 10mins here and 5mins there . FFS we won 4-0 and saw what should be goal of the season . I can see like someone else said he is not the man for the job in these circumstances but what a shame to see Sammy Lee instead of Unsworth standing next to Allardyce ( as if that isn't hard enough ) where he could start to gain the experience he needs . The only good thing about Allardyce is last night will be his bench mark in terms of performance and drop below it and you will be gone . Everyone of them players knows he will bring people in and they know they are playing for their careers at Goodison . The 7 pts under Unsworth could be what turns it around as clubs are sinking past us down the table .

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