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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 152090 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
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Echo has a little piece about Sam and his data.
if you can be bothered with the horrendous site:

If you cannot, it is here: the bit in bold is the most interesting to me for some reason:

Attention to detail

Sam Allardyce has always been big on analysis.
He was one of the first Premier League managers to use Prozone stats in his approach - and during his early days at Bolton he became almost slavishly devoted to data.
He developed a system of play based around a "fantastic four" - pillars of play which would serve Bolton well. And they did.
Some of the detail was verging on the absurd.
Allardyce once calculated that if Bolton scored first they had a 70% chance of winning.
And he worked out that his side had an 80% chance of avoiding defeat if they outran their opposition at speeds above 5.5m per second.
Last night he saw his team go behind, and look one-paced during a stodgy first-half.
But he has analysis to change that, too.
"Our analysis team has been on overtime since I've been here, delivering a fantastic amount of information for the players to look at and take onto the pitch," he wrote in his programme notes.

"We haven't been able to spend too much time on the training ground because we've had so many games, so the analysts have been delivering visuals on a constant basis and that's been working."
Sammy Lee spent an age giving detailed pre-match information to Ashley Williams.
Williams performed solidly.
Everton's midfield was told to use the ball positively and pacily. When they didn't, a midfielder who would was intrioduced in young Tom Davies.
Whatever information is being imparted is working. And Allardyce has only just begun.

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