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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 171289 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
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I'm always a bit cynical about incredibly rich people talking about food banks/homelessness. Maybe he's doing it on the quiet (and apologies if he is) but how much of his 6m a year is he donating? Wouldn't be at all surprised to find out he was paying an accountant to find tax loopholes, like many others. Maybe he'll donate his avoiding relegation bonus...

On a positive note, Rooney just donated 750k to various charities.

Yes, but hardly any of them use their platform to even mention it, let alone spell it out as unambiguously as Allardyce has just done.

It is a direct attack on austerity, and it is to be applauded.
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