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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 178227 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:40:01 PM »
I just think Moshiri has had his first major action at the club and gone '
'I'll get Koeman in because he's a big name and who as DoF? How about that fella who's just masterminded Leicester to the title? Yeah he'll do''

Feel like that's literally how we ended up with them two, with no one taking a moments thought to whether it would actually work.

That probably is what happened with Walsh.

Although we had Monchi lined up until Sevilla emotionally blackmailed him into staying another year.

Koeman’s name was important (as in attracting players, well supposedly) but finishing 7th and 6th with Southampton was a good job.

Think you can get away with one appointment being made with more intangible elements in mind (eg Koeman’s rep) but the other, whether famous or not, has to be someone genuinely good at their job.

Walsh, having never been a DoF before, was always going to be a risk.

But for balance, aside from transfers, you’d assume that a lot of a DoF’s work will not bear fruit / be noticed for a couple of years.

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