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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 156882 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
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Our biggest problem is that our game plan consists of:

A) Pickford launches it to the lone striker.  [Go to #1]
B) Rolls it out to one of the CB [Go to #2]
C) Rolls it out to a FB [Go to #3]

#1: Lone Striker fails to win the ball, or has insufficient support to maintain possesion.  Revert to defending.
#2: Ball is hoofed forward [Go to 1], played to a full back[Go to 3] or played into midfield[Go to 5]
#3: If FB is Kenny [Go to 4], if FB is Martina play is stopped and ball is played back to CB [Go to 2] or into CM [Go to 5]
#4: Ball is lofted Neville-esque chip down the line losing possession.
#5: If first time on this point then [Go to 2].  If second [Go to 3].  If third[Go to 6]
#6: Ball held too long and possession is lost.

And this is repeated 20 times a game, when what we need is an option #7.

#7: Midfielder turns with ball and carries it 40 yards forward.

Until we get either a LB who can carry the balk and take players on on the outside (Using, you know, their left foot) or a midfielder who can do this then we're fucked.  Once we do get one or both of these players in then the whole team dynamic should change.
That's the entire two decades of Sam's sport science right there 😅😅😅
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