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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 137942 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:57:59 PM »
The performances haven't really improved we've just played worse sides.
His media talk is awful
The point a lot are making is that he seems to think he is doing us a favour when I'm reality, near enough anyone could have kept this squad up

Your gonna counter me with everyone's shite and the clubs shite but the reality is, the Premier league is actually shite, and there's plenty more shite than us than actually better than us

The league is shite I totally agree. We were in a complete mess when he took over. I think performances have improved all be it not consistently week to week

Has he suggested he's doing us a favour? I havent seen that though I've distanced myself to most of everton stuff the last couple of weeks

I'm not suggesting he's been brilliant. He's done okay. There's been some improvement. I'm not suggesting people should be delighted. Just maybe the screams of get out of our club and the insults are a bit misguided

Do we really want to sack him if say he averages 1.5pts a game and take another punt with silva?? I've no problem with replacing anyone if we are confident we can do better. I just think if he goes it will be more down to the fans than the results

He could easily get 7th and he'd get absolutely no credit from most

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