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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 143749 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« on: February 11, 2018, 02:11:46 AM »
6m for Ok?

It's the going rate. He came into a mess only just had a transfer window. What were people expecting had silva come in?? We just aren't that good. He's done a reasonable job

I think my point isn't so much that people shouldn't have a discussion as to if we could/should get a better manager and who that might be. It's more the venom around allardyce isn't reflective of the job he's doing. Niasse is doing okay. If I kept saying I hate him and he should get out my club you'd all think I was a lunatic.

If we can do better than allardyce or Walsh or any of the players or moshiri I'd absolutely love us to. I just don't understand the hatred. His treatment simply isn't what his performances deserve

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