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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 167483 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
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I was surprised and disappointed at Oxford rejection but I like the idea there’s something bigger in the offing.

I’ll be honest, I love your romantic view of him, that he’s a highly rated young coach with fresh ideas etc. And I would love to buy in to it, but I struggle tbh.

I think allardyce’s legacy as a pioneer with the Bolton side puts him untouchable to unsworth tbh.

But if somehow unsworth cracks the top 6 or wins a cup or has a 10-15 year career in the prem then yeah I’d give you that.

Just personally very surprised at the idea you’d think unsworth is nailed on to far surpass allardyce.

I'm not really a romantic, I'm a cynical bugger at heart. But I believe that development wins with most things in life, you'll get pretty far on knowledge and dedication. Marco Silva turned round the initial perception at Hull, everyone wrote off Pochettino when he arrived, Leicester didn't want Ranieri, but they all had contracts and time to prove otherwise. When Unsworth was replaced, he'd got most our PL goals and nearly half our points.

Did education at same place as Ferguson, Sacchi, Capello, Mourinho, Moyes, Silva. Awarded UK talent development coach of the year 2017. Won the U23 league and is still in chase for title this season despite disruption. I wouldn't have been a big fan of promoting a youth coach for sake of it, I'm a fan of promoting a talented, respected, decorated youth coach when all our other options were shit.

The scale of the tasks were vastly different with fixture congestion. Unsworth was spoilt for excuses and used none of them. Allardyce's legacy as a pioneer is self promotion, yes he used technology and data, as did most big clubs. He just modernised Bolton, not football.

The best managers in league are around 40-45, Unsworth's age, not 65. He's stayed in education longer than others, but he's built his own team in youth football and he's now looking to go into senior football. Ideally he wants to do at Everton with players from U23's, but if he has to start somewhere else then he will.

He beat Moyes, Silva, he made positive changes that played us back in with a chance after going behind against Conte and Puel etc. We were more open at the back at times, but it also meant we were building a side that play with the ball and create attacks, that should be expected, not a luxury, but it was never going to happen overnight or without teething problems. And the poor performances have been replicated before and since.

Fonseca, Tuchel, Guardiola came through as youth coaches. Here's an article about what's been happening in Germany from last year.

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