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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 138193 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:40:50 PM »
Interesting that the handful of Allardyce apologists that are left have coincidentally found themselves too busy doing other things since last night to come on here and stick up for him.

I can't see much of an arguement left for keeping him anyway.

Ok, I'll bite.

If by apologist you mean someone who doesn't:

- begrudge the points we actually did win when Allardyce first joined (and I don't include West Ham);
- start calling for his resignation the second he lost his first match;
- use every word he says as a knife to stab him with;
- go around calling him Big Fat Gravy-Swigging Sam....

then yes, that's me. Just because you don't yield to the mob mentality, doesn't mean you think the sun shines out of his arse.

I think you'll find that most of the so-called Allardyce apologists have said that if he gets the team playing decent football - and more importantly winning - then he will have earned the right to stay on a bit longer. Which, objectively, whether you like him or not is the fair thing to do. If we're doing well, there's no point sacking the manager unless an obviously better, more suitable for the long-term manager becomes available.

Clearly, however, we're not playing well and nor are the results particularly great, so you would hope the board are looking at potential replacements (as they should always be - although I just don't think they are). As such, if performances/results continue (and for a manager who is so into stats, that Matt Cheetham post should be startling), we should get rid. Simple as that.

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