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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 214397 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
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Carragher defo still loves us, and is one of the only people who accurately conveys the feelings of the majority of our fans in the national media. I'm actually grateful for his representation and opinions because he completely gets it:

Carragher added that Allardyce comparing Everton to his former clubs Newcastle and West Ham hasn't been received well, and criticised his negative substitutions, as Toffees fans will always want to see their side go for wins.

“It reminds me of Roy Hodgson at Liverpool - it's just not the right fit,” said Carragher. “I think there were two jobs for Sam Allardyce: keep Everton up - they were five points above relegation when he came in - and to show he's more than just a firefighter. Can he be Everton's manager next season and show he's more than just keeping clubs up? At the moment, he's not showing that. The supporters didn't want him as they saw Allardyce as the manager at Sunderland or Crystal Palace - teams fighting down the bottom. Everton see themselves differently, challenging for European places.”

"The reason they're not happy with him is some of the things Allardyce says after games, comparing Everton to Newcastle and West Ham hasn't gone down well. When you are 0-0 away at Watford and you bring Morgan Schneiderlin on, Everton fans at least want to see their team try and win the game. That's been the criticism,” he added.
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