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Author Topic: January Targets  (Read 49253 times)

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Re: January Targets
« on: December 03, 2017, 08:58:31 PM »
Just like playing football Manager this shite . I hope he just gets told to get on with what he has till the summer . Don't want to see someone come in now and block Kenny , DCL , Benni or Lookman . I want to know if he can get improvement out of Klassen , Schneiderlin and Sandro once he has settled the defence and put a stop to the headless chicken displays . He has an 18 month contract and I don't think we need to inflate the squad with players who won't be arsed once we have got about 40 points .If the signs are positive then wait till the summer as the reason for the appointment was to stop us going down not that it was happening anyway .

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