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Author Topic: January Targets  (Read 48003 times)

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Re: January Targets
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:05:21 PM »
No he is a panic appointment and was not anywhere near first choice . He has an 18month contract and if Silva became available then Allardyce will be gone . It would actually make business sense and it is something he has actually got use to over the years . He isn't here to stay or that contract would have been longer and I would have no problem letting him splash a bit of Mo's cash . If you consider Koeman had to clear out those he didn't want and Allardyce might well have to do the same then why let him spend shedloads ? And just incase you can't read I said wait till the summer and lets see what he can get out of the existing squad . Hardly crackers is it ?

Surely its very obvious we need a left back a centre half and a striker. Almost indisputable? So why wait if suitable targets are available?

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