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Re: Liverpool v Everton
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Canít leave any space in behind so we have to defend really deep, stay disciplined and try and exploit their weaknesses. Defence is where they are weak. Gylfi nails his delivery and DCL, Holgate, Williams look to nod one in, thatís our route to glory

This means that we have to defend resoloutely and we are essentially going to let them have all the possession and frustrate the fuck out of them

They want us to A. Mess about with it at the back so they can steal the ball from us with the high press and B. Have a high line so that Salah and Mane can get in behind. Weíve majorly got to avoid this happening. Itís not going to be pretty and we will get shit from them and the press for playing 19th century football but itís what riles this lot so its what we have to do

DCL has got to put an unreal shift in, heís got to run the hard yards and feed off scraps. Heís got to hold the ball up when he can. Davies and Gana have to keep their discipline, we canít have someone on a yellow with over an hour to play because these are the biggest bunch of whining Fannyís out there, they know all the refs and all the dirty tricks in the book. Will be surrounding the ref at every opportunity

Rooney and Sigurdsson when they get the ball have to make their quality count. The 4 at the back, stay deep and launch it whenever in doubt, Cuco especially

Probably will keep the same lineup as the last 2 games. The only possible exception I think would be Schneiderlin in for Davies. Personally would stick with Davies though as Schneiderlin is in woeful form and his head seems to be elsewhere. Also Keanes confidence is too fragile to risk in a Derby game. The Holgate/Williams partnership has kept back to back clean sheets so we should persevere with that to give ourselves our best shot

Itís a horrible game plan Iíve outlined there. Itís designed to get a point, 3 if you get a lucky break. I am comforted by it at least being a game plan that Allardyce knows how to execute better than most

Kenny Williams Holgate Martina
             Davies Gana
    Lennon Sigurdsson Rooney


Would be nice to think we could go toe to toe with them, but weíve not got the starting line up or the confidence to do that right now. You would have to take a point if it was offered
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