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Re: Steven N'Zonzi
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:23:18 AM »
Having a vision doesn't mean mistakes are not made along the way.
I'm no expert but the more time passes the more I think the flaw in the plan was Koeman.
None of us know the internal politics, who influences what, who buys into what and like him or not we are into a new era with Big Sam. I only see what we all see, no 'itk' for me, but so far he seems like a breath of fresh air. News conferences and after match interviews are the best around. Humour, facts, opinions and a distinct lack of bullshit. Just perhaps that wind of change is blowing around the training pitches and offices of Finch Farm and Goodison.
Let's cut them all some slack - they are all professionals, all recruited on past achievements and therefore have something to contribute.
We might just be seeing the rebuilding job let's not wreck it all through impatience
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