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Re: Steven N'Zonzi
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Don't count on it.

It's almost impossible in non North American sports. There's no relegation in North American sports. It's a completely different landscape on how you build your teams. There's also salary caps over here.

And by the way. The Oakland A's haven't won anything of significance in over 20 years.

The gains in football from what I can see are in set pieces and recruitment.

Id actually be fairly confident with sam hat if you got the guy in who worked with midjlland and said - he reckons he can get you 5 more Goals a year from set pieces, sam would be receptive.

Its the recruitment bit that worries me because we have a set up that wed have to tear down and start again, and I think were still held back by the scouts and agents and managers and directors who alll want to put their oar in, rather than a clear directive and data driven identification of talents.
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