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Author Topic: Match Ratings versus Liverpool  (Read 6799 times)

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Re: Match Ratings versus Liverpool
« on: December 11, 2017, 04:11:38 PM »
Pickford - 6 - Great goalkeeping especially with how slippy that ball probably was. Kicking not so great, was partly the problem as to why we couldn't keep hold of the ball. Gonna need a proven target man under Allardyce.

Kenny - 8 - Amazing what a run of games does to a player. Great to see him fronting up one of the league's best and coming out on top. Bullied Robertson at times as well. Got a great pass on him as well as he displayed in the build up to the pen.

Holgate - 7 - Really solid. I'm happy to see us jibbing off the play from the back nonsense in games like that, just want to see your centre halves get rid and win headers, which he did supremely. He'll learn a lot more defending like that than from having his confidence ruined. Probably see a better Michael Keane too eventually.

Williams - 7 - A one man rock performance from him that hasn't been seen since his Swansea days. Not asked to do anything special except use his strengths. Good to see.

Martina - 4 - Feel for him, out of his depth in his favoured position and expected to play against the most in-form player in the league on his wrong foot. Actually did really well to close the angle down on Mane but was too weak in the tackle, which happens when you're off balance permanently. Can't believe we allowed all them LBs leave us and didn't include Garbutt in the squad, who surely would of looked better than him.

Gueye - 7 - Looks like he's gonna be vital under big Sam. Back to his best yesterday.

Davies - 5 - Struggle to know what he's bringing to the team lately apart from the threat of a yellow card. Still going to be a boss player but probably needs a break followed by a solid run in the team playing in the same position week in week out.

Sigurdsson - 6 - Put a shift in and works hard defensively. Needs to play in his correct position and to have the team play to his strengths a bit more or he'll never impact on these types of games.

Rooney - 6 - Struggled a bit playing out of position, but no one wanted it more than him. He's still an asset in the big games. His brain on the pitch is better than anyone's and it looks like him and DCL have an understanding with them through balls.

Oumar Baye Niasse - 5 - Thought he did as much as expected of him really. He lacks quality but will harass defences for as long as he's on the pitch. He'll get us 10+ goals easily this season.

DCL - 7 - Bereft of any service but his head never dropped and that's what won us the penalty. He's really coming on as a player now.

Subs -
Lennon - 6 - got us up the pitch and was a good outball as well as tracking back. Would of started him tbh.

Schniederlin - 5 - Really want him to get back to his best, but still looks off the pace and generally bobbins.

Jags - 5 - Came on late, didn't do much. Didn't have to while Henderson and Milner where playing sideways like the Disgrace of Gijon.

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