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Author Topic: Newcastle V Everton.  (Read 14205 times)

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Re: Newcastle V Everton.
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Schneiderlin needs to come to the party now and show what he is about. He needs to start effecting games and take hold of the midfield, as Gana can't do it on his own.

I am ok with him defensively, but in an attacking sense, its not good enough for him to get the ball, and pass it sideways as a central midfielder. He needs to dictate the tempo of play and create opportunities for the forward players to do damage. Alongside that, getting in the box and trying to get on the end of crosses wouldn't do any harm either!

donīt mean to be contrary mate but if you think heīs been ok defensively then iīve obviously been watching different games than you have.  heīs been poxy. he could do with a good stint in the stands to get his attitude in order. sam called for players to be honest with him about their futures. i donīt believe he is of the character to put up a fight and try to turn things around. i reckon heīll be off in the summer myself. good riddance as far as iīm concerned. canīt stand players with bad attitudes. nicolas bentdner-esque

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