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Author Topic: Ratings vs Newcastle  (Read 1848 times)

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Re: Ratings vs Newcastle
« on: December 14, 2017, 07:20:16 AM »
This is a hard one to rate as we didn't play amazingly but everybody did their job well.

Pickford - 6 - Couple of good claims but once again some really erratic kicking at times

Kenny - 7 - Solid performance, surprisingly good in the air and can drop a really good out ball into the channel

Williams/Holgate - 7 - Solid performance, who would have thought that this would be our best pairing?

Martina - 6.5 - worked hard defensively but slowed down our attacks down his side as he would go down the line onto his left foot.

Gueye - 7.5 - he was everywhere today, and no stupid fouls either.

Schniederlin - 6 - His recent form has set the bar so low that people think today was a good performance, he's not a good enough DM to justify how little he passes the ball forward.

Lennon - 6.5 - Quiet game from him today, bumped up 0.5 for creating the goal

Sig - 6.5 - Put a massive shift in supporting Martina but still found the energy to get involved going forward. If him and Rooney somehow click then we'll see some great moves.

Rooney - 6.5 - Goal aside it wasn't his best game, but as frustrating as he can be he's our best method to make things happen.

DCL - 7 - Some good hold up play, especially considering he was against 4 players on his own at times and involved in our goal.


Vlasic - 7 - Exactly what you need in a sub in a situation like today, puts himself about and wins fouls to take the pressure off.

Davies - 6.5 - some good play to run the clock down, and an extra .5 for being a snidely bastard.

Jags - N/A

Honourable mention:

@Blargins - 2 - Made everybody panic and think Newcastle got a late equaliser
So I didn’t get motm then?

Btw my stream was 5 minutes behind everyone else’s
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