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Author Topic: Results over the Christmas Period  (Read 3210 times)

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Re: Results over the Christmas Period
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One game at a time

Swansea is now the most important game of the season and so on and so forth

In and around 30 points after the xmas period is normally the barometer to a top 7 or 8 spot so if we manage that it would be amazing

If the cups are won by the top 7, 60 points is a pretty consistent barometer for the European places. So we're probably a bit behind schedule given the abysmal start to the season, but we're fully capable of going on a prolonged unbeaten run.

Swansea ought to be 3 points. I'd hope for 4 points from Chelsea and United at home in an ideal world, but anything 2 points or better isn't bad. Really ought to be getting 4 points from the two away matches if we're serious about European qualification, but for a top-half finish 2 would be okay.

7 points should be the floor over the festive period. Hoping for 10+, but not sure that's realistic. Would need to see a more substantial return to form on the attacking end to believe that's possible.

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