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Re: Successful Simulation
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I must admit that this is beginning to annoy me . I have the feeling that Niasse is the only player going to get done for this . Since he was suspended there have been numerous examples and nothing has been done . Typical of the FA to make a point and then just forget it like they did with the shirt pulling in the box .

its a fucking stupid rule. you only get done if you get the pen. it hasnīt stopped anyone from diving. i would love to see the introduction of the black card they have in gaelic footbal. i reckon itīd be the best rule introduced in soccer since the backpass got outlawed. itīs essentially a forced substitution. and if youīve used all 3 subs already then tough, you have to play the rest of the game with 10 men. you could also give a black card for those cynical fouls where you Ļtake one for teamĻ when you pull someone back in order to stop a team on a break away. getting a yellow card does fuck all to stop them doing it. a black card would be more than a yellow but less than a red. well thatīs my 2 cents anyway...
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