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Author Topic: Left Back - Do we buy one in January?  (Read 7438 times)

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Re: Left Back - Do we buy one in January?
« on: December 18, 2017, 12:18:04 AM »
TBF @Gash I've openly said I'm amazed considering the signing on fee, wages and agents cut that KT is basically rebuffing that he is prepared to follow through with his statement that he wants to stay at Celtic as a one club man like McStay.

He was saying all the right things as players do just after signing his contract but that BBC interview has a slightly different tone to it. He said he's living his dream at the moment and not thinking about other clubs but this is football so you never know what will happen which is a bit different from saying he wants to be a Paul McStay. It's all a bit romantic to think that a player of his quality will spend his whole career at Celtic playing in a poor league although if that's the height of his ambition he maybe deserves to stay there.

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