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Author Topic: Left Back - Do we buy one in January?  (Read 8976 times)

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Re: Left Back - Do we buy one in January?
« on: December 18, 2017, 12:20:55 AM »
To be fair to you lad I should of said this earlier, because we (Celtic - as you know i have season tickets for both) had a complete meltdown today een with him playing but as the Cally McGregor interview says, all young players have and tbh need a dip to improve. Celtic haven't been playing well recently especially in defence but thats more to do with the CBs and BRs pass it out from the back philosophy making us look shit in Europe and away from home.

Ye, I mean today's result was a 1 off, but I think it outlines my concern with Tierney, its the only niggle of concern that I have with him, that he doesn't have PL experience and we don't really know how good he is, so that puts Chilwell slightly ahead for me. I doubt Leicester would sell anyway.
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