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Author Topic: Ratings V Swansea  (Read 2044 times)

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Ratings V Swansea
« on: December 19, 2017, 03:45:33 PM »
May as well take the plunge.

Pickford 6 - Nothing to complain about other than a few dodgy passes, wasn't really tested.

Kenny 7 - Played well, love the passion he has, very Colemanesque in some of his forward runs in to the box.

Williams 7 - Not sure he was directly at fault for the goal as he was man marking someone else, solid again.

Holgate 7 - Same as Williams, he was also man marking someone else during the corner, another solid display.

Martina 7 - I could easily have given him an 8, thought he played out of his skin tonight.

Schneiderlin 5 - might seem harsh, can't think of a single thing that he did? Davies should have started in his place.

Gana 8 - excellant, he doesn't suit the forward role as much as Davies, but once he started sitting back he was back to his old best.

Lennon 8 MOTM - if the whole team performance was better than I'd probably rate him a 9, I thought he was outstanding, chasing everything, setting up attacks, fearless.

Sigurdsson 7 - Doesn't stop running does he. Superb goal. I think he will be even better when we have the chance to move him more central.

Rooney 7 - he was poor first half, and in my opinion only just scrapes a 7, especially as he missed a penalty. Second half he assisted 1 goal and scored another, so can't complain.

DCL 8 - the awareness to slot the rebound home was great, held up play well, genuinely excited about his future.


Davies 7 - Made a big difference, every time hes on the ball he's looking to play it forward.
Lookman - n/a
Sandro - n/a

Overall wasn't the greatest match in terms of quality, but it was nice to show our resilience and turn it round after a shocking first half.
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