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Author Topic: [News]Sandro linked with move back to Malaga  (Read 13044 times)

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Re: [News]Sandro linked with move back to Malaga
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I always thought we were wank when moyes had too many options. There were times, few admittedly where he tried rotation and failed

When we had the bare eleven was when we were at our best

2008 to 2009 was great for this as an example.

We had about 5/6 senior midfielders who knew their roles but this also meant that Rodwell / Gosling got plenty of minutes and they were slotting into a unit that knew what it was doing.

In defence we had 3 CBs options, so all played. 

At left back, one of the CB options would cover there, meaning the other 2 were playing.

If Hibbert was injured, Neville played RB freeing up a midfield slot etc.

It was top level quality in couple of areas and probably one or two players short of numbers (eg no Arteta replacement) from being ideal.

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