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Author Topic: West Brom V Everton. Boxing day.  (Read 17934 times)

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Re: West Brom V Everton. Boxing day.
« on: December 26, 2017, 03:49:50 PM »
We are playing a team desperate for a win at their ground
Add to that the 3 player and manager interviews on their website all discuss doing everything to stop their losing record

Add to that our team isnít very good going forward
Our midfield is pretty average at best, badly unbalanced with a No.10 playing left wing,
No Gueye,
Davies stinking the place out
Arron Lennon still his ineffective self

To top all that off our main striker is a kid who while trying his best is not good enough

That is why it will be a tough game

Facts and evidence seem to be a real inconvenience to you

Almost everything you've just said is opinion. Your grasp of 'facts' is about the level of Rafa Benitez's.

In my opinion, we've got better players than them in almost every position. We have a better manager than them (not hard). Of course they're desperate for a win. So what. They've not won in the Prem since August (that one's a fact). 17 games without a win, which is the worst ever winless run in their history. The new manager has 2 points in five games. They're 19th.

You can sell Chelsea as a hard game to win but we should be beating these every day of the week, so let's not pretend Sam will be performing a managerial miracle if we do overcome them.

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