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Author Topic: West Brom V Everton. Boxing day.  (Read 15326 times)

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Re: West Brom V Everton. Boxing day.
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:11:52 PM »
Almost everything you've just said is opinion. Your grasp of 'facts' is about the level of Rafa Benitez's.

In my opinion, we've got better players than them in almost every position. We have a better manager than them (not hard). Of course they're desperate for a win. So what. They've not won in the Prem since August (that one's a fact). 17 games without a win, which is the worst ever winless run in their history. The new manager has 2 points in five games. They're 19th.

You can sell Chelsea as a hard game to win but we should be beating these every day of the week, so let's not pretend Sam will be performing a managerial miracle if we do overcome them.

All this could have been said for Chelsea against us, though. There aren't any 'easy' games in this league, especially away from home - there are definitely those we should be targeting as potential wins and this falls under that bracket.

Whereas therealdunc has made it sound like we're taking on Barcelona with 7 men, you've done the opposite and made it sound like a kickabout in the park. Presumably with the opposite intention of underplaying a potential victory or using it as evidence against Allardyce if we lose.

It's going to be a difficult game, they were unlucky against Stoke and had United holding on at the end. With the way we have played this season, I'm not sure we can legitimately be considered favourites in any game just yet (although I'm not saying we're underdogs for this) - it may be quite to similar to the Newcastle match. If we get a similar result to that, it'll be a good job done in me eyes.

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