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Re: Cenk Tosun
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Hello guys I am from turkey

So i think deal is completed about cenk and i wanted to give you some information about him.

So when he first arrived to turkey he went to gaziantepspor which is a mid level team and that team had a striker named Muhammet Demir ( 1 year younger than cenk they were saying hes gonna be future forward of turkey lol I never believed that cuz his body type wasnt build for a forward ) so noone paid attention to cenk or noone thought he was gonna be a big shot but his finishing was really interesting guys. he could score with his both left and right leg and from that moment i could tell this guy know HOW TO SHOOT. ( long distance aswell) but he didnt know how to be a target man or move with the ball, dribble etc. he scored 8 or 10 goals in a 13 games.

From his goal scoring abilities Besiktas bought this kid, he played behind mario gomez when he improved alot, he was ready actually but aboubakar came , and in turkey if you are foreign player ull have more chance to play for obvious reasons. Aboubakar played and cenk never give up guys he worked harder harder and some time after you could say he s way better than aboubakar cuz aboubakar is a type of player which i call stupid, they can miss a goal really easy like i could even score empty goalie. Cenk was never liked that hes a born striker.

This year came , and now he even started dribble ball control everything is adding up on him every single day more and more. Hes an interesting player guys. He can be like Luis suarez or ronaldo 9 in real madrid times ( not inter lol)  i am not clowning . However, even if he fails to adapt england, he can be a normal player in a premier league because he will score no matter what, cuz he knows how to shoot with both legs and score.

So even for me hes a pandoras box i dunno what to expect from him. For me, hes worth prob 16 million euros not 25 because hes in turkish league but considering his work ethic the money u guys paid is normal

I am really wondering what s gonna happen to him too in premier league.

I am a Fenerbahce fan , I hate Besiktas and all their players lol so my reply is honest as it can be

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