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Author Topic: Bournemouth v Everton  (Read 31523 times)

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Re: Bournemouth v Everton
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:02:46 AM »
Your ignoring the facts

Numerous people on here witnessed him shouting at the team to pass it vs Chelsea

Same vs West Brom

At one point vs West Brom on the tv coverage you could hear Sammy Lee shouting pass and big sam shouting donít give it away (or something very similar, canít quite remember)

To say the manager doesnít recognise there is a problem going forward and isnít trying to address it is not based on facts or reality.

If by the 1st of feb the problems continue then you can correctly ask why wasnít it addressed in the window.

Even more so on the 1st September

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