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Author Topic: Everton v Man United  (Read 16323 times)

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Re: Everton v Man United
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The alternative is the manager needs to stop being so fucking negative in his approach ...no?.

We weren't great first half but it was an improvement on the shite at WBA and Bournemouth. ..then Sam waved his magic wand and made the worst fucked up subs yet ...the alternative was right there ...the crowd booed the subs they all knew what was coming .they all saw it and don't get 6 million a year.

You must have been at the back of the Park End ? and couldn't see that Bolassie was knackered after his very good effort in the first half and couldn't see that Rooney was running on empty around the same time. Was the rain in your eyes? Unfortunately Utd with far better players than us all over the park turned the screws and the inevitable happened, Not Sam's fault, you clueless dope. You are lucky to read this rebuttal because my hands are still freezing. A terrible night to be out.

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