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Author Topic: Liverpool v Everton FA Cup 3rd Round  (Read 15736 times)

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Re: Liverpool v Everton FA Cup 3rd Round
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:01:59 AM »
My 7 year-old trying to stop me watching the match and hang out out with her instead..

Cheeky Chops: you should be staying in this room with me; you should be spending time with your daughter!

Me: But it's Everton, babe, and we're playing Liverpool, who Daddy hates!

Cheeky Chops: Well if you hate them why are you watching them, then?

😂 Can't fault her logic 

My 8 year old son said "Is this Everton dad?". I said "Yeah of course yer little manc. We're playing Liverpool". "We hate them don't we dad?".. All's forgiven... even if he is half manc.

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