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Author Topic: Cenk Tosun signs - Confirmed by the club  (Read 28013 times)

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Re: Cenk Tosun signs - Confirmed by the club
« on: March 11, 2018, 12:53:09 AM »
Yeah I like him.

Gets involved in the game, seems to have a good appreciation of general play etc.

It’s hard physically when you come from a top team in a lower league.

You come from somewhere that’s less physically demanding anyway and where your team has generally had most of the ball, to a league where because teams generally just play the ball back up the pitch if there’s any sort of pressure, there’s always something going on which means lots more running where there’s not much benefit at the end of it.


Love a shot in off the underside of the bar.

Most prem ready striker at the club by a mile.

One of his strengths in turkey was his physicality so it’s going to be hard adjusting to defenders who can compete better - showed some great hold up today though.

And of course give him a view at goal and he’s bagged which is a great sign.
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