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Re: Derby Ratings
« on: January 06, 2018, 04:43:13 AM »
Pickford 4 - moved way too early for the pen and although I think the second was going in anyway, he didn't exactly get anywhere near the ball. Bad game by his high standards

Kenny 7 - liked a couple of his early crosses and evebtually started joining in on the attack. We miss Coleman so badly.

Holgate 4 - soft pen then a moment of madness. Got better in the second half with some Stones-esque play. Then back to shite when he ignored VVD

Jags  7 - why was he assisting sigurdsson. not a bad performance by him. You come to expect it from Jags.

Martina 5 - not terrible. Good to see that not much of the play went through him today. 

Shneiderlin 5.5 - better but still a passenger

McCarthy 5.5- He didnt do much.

Rooney 5 - probably should of been sent off, passing was poor and decision making was all over the place. We did however lose any ball keeping ability when he went off

Bolasie 6.5 - love Bolasie. Should of fed Sig instead of shooting but I'm just surprised he was still standing at the end.

Sigurdsson 7 - I'd like to see his marathon time, he never stops running. Great finish and unlucky that Bolasie didnt play him in. First half was anonymous but we can't expect much from the wing.

DCL 6 - same as always. Works his arse off, but in games like this, you just need that bit more.


Lookman  7 - Gamechanger. Was upset not to see Vlasic, but lookman was great tonight. Fair play

Davies - N/A
Niasse - Uselss.

Big Sam - good to see him having a pop. Better going forward but still not creating nearly enough. See what else he does in Jan if anything.

There is no way at all you watched this match. Cant even bothered going through this, would take to long

Thank-o-Matic 3.0 By Adk Team