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Re: Lookman
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We're in danger of going a bit overboard here.

I'm a big fan of Lookman and really want him to do well but he's only played 12 mins for Leipzig.

He scored after 1 min of his debut for us against the current league leaders but couldn't consistently put it together for 90 mins.

The reasoning for sending him to the championship would have been that it is similar to the Premier League in terms of physicality and he would have got more opportunities compared to Leipzig where he will face more competition for his place. However, maybe the less physical nature of the German league might benefit him.

Hopefully, after this blistering start he gets the opportunity to do it consistently over 90 mins for a run of games before the end of the season.

It's also good for him to be as far away from this pile of bollocks as possible at the moment

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