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Re: Lookman
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He went there with our two most productive players banished to the bench (never to get off it), packing a defence with as many bodies as possible and trying to protect them with two defensive players planted 10 yards ahead of them. Clearly the game plan wasn’t to get beat 5-1 but it was to keep it to a minimum and that plan went out the window after 5 mintutes, in fact it went so far out the window after another 30 minuets it’d left the postcode and boarded a train home like most fans.

Oh and please let’s not pretend we should be prioritising a home game against a team in the bottom half of the table who’d won only two away games all season seven days later as that’s a weaker excuse than Allardyce saying he wanted us to copy Swansea and the players didn’t do it.

On the Moyes thing, did you ever explain how somebody like yourself can have so much hatred for a man who did so well at our club for so long, to a point of getting yourself banned from other forums, to resolutely worshipping a manager who’s never even achieved half of what Moyes did in his time here?

Moyes tell me or even better show me were all my hate for Moyes is
I would of and still would have him back here if just to see what he could do with an Everton team with a few bob
so any crap you have about me hatting Moyes is all in your head or it could just be that anything I say or type you will jump on because I for one will not get onbroad with the Big Sam hate club

I did not like the way he left it was a bit under handed yes but would love to see what he could do with us with money and that will always be there

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