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Re: Lookman
« on: February 28, 2018, 04:34:06 AM »
A harsh truth that but yeah. Move on in the summer ideally.

Man I wish we were comfortable and had a system That worked so we could be bedding some of these young players in.

Maybe being naive but I feel it should be relatively easy in that you know that Sigurdsson and Walcott are going to be good PL players across the season and that they both work hard etc.

Therefore you can afford the ups and downs of younger players a bit more than if you had flaky experienced options.

Overall I think we’ve got some good experienced PL players who you can rely on - the above two, Rooney, Gueye, Coleman etc.

But anyone else over 27 who either hasn’t been or ever will be a top player should be moved on to make space for the younger players we already have.

Then we shouldn’t be buying any PL players over 25 who don’t at least have the experience of being a top player. If they’re over that age then there’s a very slim chance of them being top 4/6 potential so what’s the point in investing time / money there.

If we want experience then it should be from cheaper markets where there’s at least a bit more chance that talent has slipped under the radar or the odd purchase like Walcott who needs a fresh start.

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