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Re: Lookman
« on: April 30, 2018, 07:09:21 PM »
Think heís been eligible for 11 games since his move, heís started 5 games and featured significantly in 4 others.

Considering the first two games came within 8 days of him landing in Germany Iíd say thatís a decent amount of football for a 20 year old lad out on loan no matter what club heís playing for.

As for the Allardyce point itís unlikely heíd have sort out a loan move if he wasnít the manager given the mismatch in skill sets he requests and the player has.   

Yeah I said at the time that the move should be judged on starts etc come the end of the period.

Iím far from being against players getting different experiences.

Itís just that when Iíve watched Lookman, he looks like he needs a) decision making and b) the stamina you gain from playing 90 mins every week.

That was a gamble going to Leipzig.

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