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Re: Lookman
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:52:35 PM »
Some of it has to be laid at some of our our fans with their  absolute philistine/almost luddite type attitude to football.

The amount of shit i heard against Lookman at Goodison last year was bang out of order whilst Tom Davies had shite games and got half the flak.

To be fair people have realised Lookman is a good player and that is a good thing but it annoys me how we pertain to appreciate quality players at Everton and its all about the 'School of Science' and playing attacking/attractive football. I know at Everton we like our players to be edgy but we still seem to have a prejudice towards players who try to play a bit such as ball playing defenders like John Stones and midfielders like Barkley and give Lookman a hard time. Your not going to be the School of Science without those players and definetly not with Tom Davies, Ashley Williams or even (both of whom i actually rate) DCL or Cenk Tosun in the team.

Ademola definetly has the potential to play in a front 3. He is a great mix of a winger and a forward and could possibly be our Raheem Sterling. Lookman and Walcott playing together is a mouth watering prospect.

Mate, Tom Davies couldn’t complete a simple five yard pass without getting the moans and groans.

And I hardly recall lookman even getting games at Goodison last season so you’re just making this up.
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