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Author Topic: Firmino/Holgate incident  (Read 21277 times)

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Re: Firmino/Holgate incident
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:46:02 PM »
The horrible thing that may come from this is the backlash Holgate will get if there is insignificant evidence to charge Firminho. Imagine being racially abused and then abused by other fans for trying to speak up about it, it's a really horrible thought, I hope he has the mental strength to cope with that (if it turns out that way)

For some reason the kopites seem to think that if Firminho isn't charged it means he hasn't said anything and Holgate has made it all up, when it fact it means Firminho could well have said it, there just isn't enough evidence to prove it.

Personally I just can't see Holgate making it up, not when he knows there are cameras everywhere. I can see Firminho saying a word that he thinks is OK in the UK, because it's fine to use in Brazil.

I get there is an argument that Firminho might not have said anything, but surely that's the least likely. Even if he said something completely non offensive that just sounded like the N word, Holgate and the club are within their right to question it.

I've heard the "he made it up to stop himself from getting sent off" argument loads of times, its daft, no player would ever do that, no player would grab the ref either

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