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Author Topic: Firmino/Holgate incident  (Read 22082 times)

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Re: Firmino/Holgate incident
« on: February 23, 2018, 03:01:10 PM »
As with anything that involves them it gets over exaggerated and a huge deal made out of it.

Mane's red card at City still gets brought up anytime someone slightly raises their boot ffs.

Not to go all tin foil hat but is it any surprise when they have such a big presence in the media with ex players etc

It is the same when a team makes a comeback in a game - their win in Istanbul, is always the go to example but the Newcastle comeback against Arsenal is never mentioned.

This morning, on Radio 5, they were harping on about Eddie Jones comments about Scotland's stye of play, because they are still irked by his reaction to one of their interviewers a couple of weeks ago. However, it is never brought up how rude and difficult, Klopp has been in a number of interviews this season. Instead they always say, what a nice guy he is - the man is as rude as the best of them but gets away with it.

However, the only thing that hardly gets a mention/has been sanitised by the media, is Heysel.

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