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Author Topic: You do voodoo? He do  (Read 5101 times)

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Re: You do voodoo? He do
« on: January 10, 2018, 08:20:34 PM »
I don't know if he is naive but the comments about him and his business acumen really are if not just stupid ,to imagine a man who is a self made billionaire ( We all get a leg up somewhere along the road) is not up to it beggars belief !! I have no idea what gets you lot to spout shite like that but for that I am out .

I don't think anyone's question his business acumen, more how he conducts himself and some of the things that come out his mouth. However, he wouldn't be the first successful business man to see a football club as a bit of an ego trip and go against everything he's learned in "normal" business and make a complete mess of it. The recent history in the Premier League and Championship is full of wealthy, self made business people who have taken clubs to the brink of ruin. I'm not saying that's what Moshiri is doing here but it's stupid to suggest that just because he's been successful outside of football automatically means that he will do here as well.
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