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Re: Theo Walcott
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Disturbing pattern beginning to happen now we have more money. Signing 'names' on big wages on the way down from bigger clubs or overpaying for players where Everton is the best they can do isn't going to help us bridge the gap.

Much preferred it when we were looking at players on the way up, players with talent who would see Everton as a stepping stone to bigger things so would be hungry to improve. Lukaku worked. Stones worked. Del didn't but it was worth the gamble. Surely this is a model a club like ours should be looking to implement for long term sustainability and to give us the best chance of succeeding.

The scruffy fucker over the park seems to have a long term vision. At Dortmund sold Sahin for big money to Madrid and replaced him with a cheap Gundogan and won the league. Later sold Kagawa to Man U and replaced him with Reus and reached the CL final. Sold Gotze to Munich and replaced him with Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang for the same money. Now Coutinho for silly money and he'll probably do the same again.
You could make a similar argument at Atletico.

A succession of short term managers leads to short term thinking. Not sure a dream team of Walsh/Allardyce offers us the chance to implement that kind of strategy unfortunately.

Totally agree. Paying a premium for players we are the pinnacle for or taking over the contracts of top 6 failures. It's crazy. We seem to be trying to create a 1 team league for 7th place.

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