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Re: Theo Walcott
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So did Koeman. So if our next manager after Allardyce has similar sentiments (because Koeman's 'now' and Allardyces 'now' are past their best) then we're left with a lot of expensive, ageing players who might not be what the new man wants.

Of course you need a balanced squad but to say that only players in their late 20's are able to deliver week in week out is bonkers.

It's not bonkers really.

Players who are physically in their prime can play more consitently than those not in their prime and learning their trade.
You've made an argument based on nothing more than you don't like the statement.

As mentioned, it doesn't matter that in a year we have ageing players - because we now have the funds to simply replace them.

It is clear that Unsworth has his own budget and he can deal with bringing in prospects. I want us to be promoting kids to the first team, not buying them.

Allardyce & Walsh = buy players who can walk into the team and replace somebody making us better immediately.
Unsworth & Walsh = buy kids with the express target of X amount of minutes spent on the pitch over the season by graduates.

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