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Re: Theo Walcott
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:58:19 PM »
Not sure where your going with this Mick.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t sign him.

He’s a better option than Niasse or anyone else for that matter apart from maybe Tosun.

oki, i did start it off with a caveat saying i must have it wrong because it looke da lot like you were saying we shouldn't sign him.
@Lxxx cleared it up well though and i get where you were coming from now.

fwiw, i think Sigurdsson, Bolasie and Rooney are all capable of feeding/creating space & chances for Walcott. I think his very presence & movement will raise Schneiderlin as well to be fair.

But yeah, he is never, ever getting 19 goals in our team as it stands.
but, he will get into double figures over a season and gives Walsh/Allardyce a piece of good looking jigsaw to work with in the summer when identifying targets.

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