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Re: Theo Walcott
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If it isn't bad enough watching a great Shite team beat a great City team last week, and listening to Carra tossing himself off over it ever since, now we get massive infiltration by former Kopites. I hear they want Goodison Park as a car park for their matchdays. Where does it all end?  Have you heard the Kopite joke about Everton's new ground? They have named it "The Pothole". i.e. it will never get filled. It is all a joke I know, except for last week's match which was painfully true and the Carra gloating.   

Didn't we beat a similar Man City team 4-0 last season, inflicting Pep's biggest league defeat to date?

We are in bad shape at the moment, so were Spurs a few years ago. We seem to have mirrored their bad spending when they sold Bale. Seem to recall them languishing towards the bottom of the league for half a season too. We need to create a team again.
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