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Author Topic: New Defence Needed  (Read 4000 times)

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Re: New Defence Needed
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It's funny as JFK is classed as an attacking full back however doesn't look like scoring or creating.

The way our team is this is critical to goals and with him and Martins offering nowt it means we are easy to play against as we try and do it all through s congested middle of the field.

He isnt classed as one, he is one.. see his under 23games this year and last, see his england under 23 games.. its why he is likened to Coleman, and is known as Coleman mk2.

to me it looks like he has been ordered to punt the ball from deep(not his strong suit, his strong points are well..lets say Coleman-esque hence why he is compared to him a lot) He looks like he is trying to hard, earlier on in the season he was running down the line, doing 1-2s and getting to the bi line, since Allardyce has taken charge the BEST part of his game has been nullified.

Kennys an average defender at best, but what he has got is his attacking play. Sam's making him look like Martina mk2.

holgate made some vital interceptions yesterday, plus the goal. Williams was playing as a CM, left on his own against 2 WBA attackers. Again, Holgate has shown he can bring the ball out comfotabley(he did a pirouette Fellaini style and drove into the wba half) but more often than not, he just launches to our striker (Cenk or DCL or Niasse) who are totally isolated from the rest of the attacking players.

We have n o ball carrying midfielders. we had Barkley, but we have no one else who can transition the ball,

we need a decent manager before anything else.
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