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Re: Usmanov
« on: September 13, 2018, 01:14:06 AM »
I donít think itís that people think moshiri isnít good enough. 1b is a huge amount of money in the real world but in the premier league itís no more than than decent money. As the money grows the demands on his finances will. The stadium will cost minimum 500m (I know we will borrow most of it but if heís got sense he will know he can cover it) and thatís about half his wealth gone. He will also obviously have an expensive lifestyle to upkeep so letís assume he wants to keep 100m to live on that l leaves 700m to spend on Everton. He has already lent/invested over 200m so thatís only going to last another 2/3 years really.

I know itís not that simple and i am not taking into account income from either the club or his own business. But even that may double the timescales at best.

Itís clear that moshiri is a good businessman and he has and is making us a better club. Early signs he has rectified the personnel mistakes of his first two managerial appointments are good but if we are to truly become an elite club itís going to need far more money.

There is also very clear links between him and Usmanov. So the assumption that alisher is not a difficult one to jump to. Itís not disrespectful to expect or assume itís going to happen,or in fact to want it to happen. With moshiris wealth and acumen we will break into the top 6. With big alishers wedge we will win the lot ( weíll not the lot but we will establish ourselves among the elite)

It's disrespectful to think that the only reason he has money is because of Usmanov. maybe Usmanov is wealthy because of deals Moshiri has done for him
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