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Re: Usmanov
« on: February 14, 2019, 12:11:47 AM »
Spurs show you can become competitive without money.

What they haven’t yet shown either by winning, or how they cope without the manager and loss of 2/3/4 stars (it’s easier to replace a RB than Kane/ Eriksen etc.) is that they can better the money teams when it really counts.

At the moment it’s still clubs with massive money who win.

Atlético are a better example but the comparison isn’t so straight forward as although they are way behind Madrid and Barça they’re still 3rd in a big league which gives them better access to players than maybe even Arsenal, say.

The winners are increasingly those with most money.

As a sustainable strategy over 15-20 years we need to find a niche which is self sustaining, even if it’s ceiling is limited.

Given the barriers to entry of the top 5 (excluding spurs moneywise) here even with a richer billionaire there’s no guarantee of breaking through to the top of that group.

We’re yet to see the exit of a mega benefactor and it’s impact but it might not be pretty.

So we need a model that enables consistent performance at a reasonably high level that isn’t reliant on individuals.

You’d assume that would be with development of younger players attracted through the possibility of first team minutes at a good level.

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