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Author Topic: Is Schneiderlin a bad player?  (Read 10016 times)

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Re: Is Schneiderlin a bad player?
« on: January 22, 2018, 05:42:51 AM »
People don't half go over the top when criticising a player. 'Spineless bastard', 'surrender monkey' and all that sort of nonsense. It's all a bit much.

He's a decent player who doesn't seem to have the mentality to maximise his ability, or fight in a struggling team.
So pretty much just a shithouse ....phrasing what you said .

We should only be playing one DM Guaye with a two of .
Davies and Gylfi going forward or Rooney .
Schneids on the bench or ferry home.

Why do we constantly play shithouse tactics ?...inviting a dry bumming.

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