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Author Topic: Everton v Leicester  (Read 20098 times)

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Re: Everton v Leicester
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Allardyce represents everything that is wrong with the prem league managers he is tactically naive has the players terrified of actually using their intelligence and playing football. Then he criticises them and takes none of the  blame. Classic about players not remaining fit, does he not go to training. Koeman stated it was the fittest the squad had ever been.

Signs Tocsun plays him up front on his own does not get a sniff of a good ball all day we get tooled then drops him, great for the lads confidence. Plays Lennon in front of Lookman all season sells him and then signs Walcott then criticises Lookman for looking for some playing time elsewhere, what a tosser. We will only go one way under Allardyce and it is downhill all the young promising kids will be replaced by 26 year old mediocre knobs from all over europe.

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